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Improving eyesight is not rocket science. It’s actually very straightforward  – simply a matter of taking the right steps at the right time. There are three main ways to work with me to improve YOUR eyesight – and regain your 20:20 vision!

What my students are saying

Hear what my students are saying about working with me, and how my method has transformed their vision – and their lives.

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The change in my eyesight is fantastic. It’s a miracle.

“I’m happy to tell you that I have not had to put on my glasses for the last two days. I don’t even need them to drive. All day at work I’m fine. In fact, I’m kind of in shock at how fast the improvement has happened. This whole change in my eyesight is just fantastic. It’s a miracle. I’m more than amazed. I think you’re fabulous.”

Venece P.

North Hollywood, California

The word ‘glasses’ is no longer in my vocabulary! “I took your class because I am learning to do research in a law library, and must read lots of fine print. I had just gotten new reading glasses, and did not like the doctor telling me that I was lucky I had made it to age 54 without bifocals, which he wanted to sell me. Now I just laugh at him every time I read small print. Glasses – now this word is no longer in my vocabulary. I am so glad I am flexible enough to risk new things!”
Bill Peterson

Back to perfect vision “With just one concept from your seminar, I went from not being able to read freeway signs back to having perfect vision. Seeing clearly just blows my mind away!”
Ray S.

What happens after the FREE Intro?

If you prefer immersion training, you can jump right into the LIVE 21 Day Intensive.

If your budget is extremely tight, you can buy a shifter and a book, and get started with those. Then when you are able, you can move into the LIVE 21 Day Intensive for a more thorough training.

If you prefer 1:1 sessions, you can book personal consultations with Gloria Ginn.

Some people like to combine formats, to begin with LIVE 21 Day Intensive and/or private lessons and then join the Improve Your Eyesight Inner Circle for weekly group coaching sessions.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to improve vision. You can choose the approach that best suits YOU.

Ready to improve your eyesight – without surgery?

If you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, you can improve your eyesight and see 20/20 again. It’s already happened for thousands of people. And it can happen for you, too.

How to Improve Your Eyesight

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