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Not ready to invest in my group or one-to-one training? If you’re on a tight budget, get started right away by ordering a shifter for $75* (plus shipping and sales tax) and a copy of my book.

* You can also get a free shifter when you sign up for the Super Sight Squad or Inner Circle

Then when you’re able, you can choose the right option for you for a more thorough training.


18 x 6 x 1/16 inches

Primary equipment for all students. The normal eye shifts 70-100 times per second. With imperfect sight, the stare slows down the shift. The shifter helps you re-establish the unconscious shift of the normal eye.

Order a shifter for $75 plus shipping and sales tax (where required)*

Paperback or ebook

Do you learn well by reading? You can get started improving your eyesight with this book and a shifter. (Or jump into my Super Sight Squad for a more thorough training.)

How to Improve Your Eyesight

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