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Not ready to invest in my group or one-to-one training? If you’re on a tight budget, get started right away by ordering a shifter for $65* (plus shipping and sales tax) and a copy of my book. This book is #1 in a series of nine training manuals available to the Super Sight Squad. And it is available to you, to get you started improving your vision right now.

* You can get a shfter for FREE with the Super Sight Squad or Inner Circle

Then when you’re able, you can choose the right option for you for a more thorough training.


18 x 6 x 1/16 inches

Primary equipment for all students. The normal eye shifts 70-100 times per second. With imperfect sight, the stare slows down the shift. The shifter helps you re-establish the unconscious shift of the normal eye.

Order a shifter for $65*  — or get a starter combo: shifter, book and instructional video for only $85.*

*plus shipping and sales tax (where required)

Paperback or ebook

Do you learn well by reading? You can get started improving your eyesight with this book and a shifter. (Or jump into my Super Sight Squad for a more thorough training.)

This is Book One of a nine-part series: the School of Better Eyesight Comprehensive Guide, by Gloria Ginn.

School of Better Eyesight Training Manuals

is is Looking for the most comprehensive training program for natural vision improvement? You’ve found it. This nine-part series takes you step- by-step through the process of restoring 20/20 vision.

Easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the techniques. Illustrations and stories bring the concepts to life, to make the subtle shift that transforms poor sight into sparkling clear vision.

There are nine training manuals in total. Each builds on the last. At the present time, this series is only available as a benefit with paid membership in the Super Sight Squad.

Lessons # 1, 2 and 3: Beginner Level

Get the normal habits of seeing started again, and gain a solid foundation for a lifetime of perfect sight.

  1. Getting Your Eyes Shifting Again
  2. Eliminating Strain, the Cause of Blurred Vision
    3. Seeing Clear Images

Lessons # 4, 5 and 6: Intermediate Level

Develop your vision-improvement skills, so you can sharpen your eyesight on demand.

  1. Developing the Motion Skills of Normal Sight
  2. Learning the Art of Effortless Focus
  3. Establishing a Habit of Clarity

Lessons # 7, 8 and 9: Advanced Level

Refine your vision to its highest level! Learn new, leading-edge concepts and techniques that have never before been put into words.

7. Mastering Motion – Optical Swing, Universal Swing
8. Regaining Your Focus – Mentally and Visually
9. Breaking Through the Last Barrier to Perfect Sight

How to Improve Your Eyesight

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