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Stop struggling on your own! Get the help you need to improve your vision to 20/20

How it Works

You want to improve your eyesight, naturally, with-out glasses. However, you may wonder if this method can really help you. I can tell you how well it has worked for others, and my students can tell you how much better they now see.

But wouldn’t it be best to see it for yourself?

With your own eyes?

The School of Better Eyesight Membership lets you test these techniques with your own eyes. It gets you started quickly and inexpensively. Yet it’s completely customized for you. See for yourself!

First Benefit: You receive a personal consultation

Your eyesight may improve right on the spot! And together we’ll develop a customized program to give you the maximum improvement in the least amount of time.

Second Beneift: You get weekly LIVE coaching sessions

After the initial private lesson, improvement requires consistency in practice and refinement in the techniques. New techniques are needed as new levels of visual clarity are attained.

Follow-up is how you bring your vision all the way back to 20/20. This follow-up is now available in weekly LIVE coaching sessions. In each one, you receive:

  • Personal assistance with your customized vision program, so you succeed
  • New techniques (or a refinement of the techniques) specifically for you
  • Help from others in the class who have made significant improvement in their eyesight. You can learn their shortcuts, and speed up the process of regaining your vision

Third Benefit: You gain ALL Access to the extensive, searchable School of Better Eyesight Video Library

Search by keyword or phrase in the extensive School of Better Eyesight Video Library of live coaching sessions, and go to the exact spot in the videos where that word or phrase is used. Or just binge on the videos to immerse yourself in the method. Get help 24/7.

Picture yourself seeing faces clearly –– from across the room! Reading freeway signs without glasses –– before you’re already at the exit. I’ve seen a huge grin on a 70-year-old woman’s face when she could thread a needle without glasses for the first time in 32 years. And the pride and satisfaction of a young man whose new drivers license has no restriction for “corrective lenses.”

You deserve your own wonderful experiences — just like these!

Customized program: With the Improve Your Eyesight Inner Circle, you can finally get the help you need to regain 20/20 vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you qualify?
Can you answer YES to at least one of these questions? If so, you qualify:

  • Do you need glasses to read?
  • Do you have a mixture of vision problems?
  • Are you nearsighted with a prescription of -7.50 or higher? If you have a lower prescription you would be better served in the Super Sight Squad.
  • Do you use bifocals or progressives?
  • Do you have a different kind of vision problem — cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, amblyopia, or something else?

Other Qualifications:

  • You are a self-starter. You recognize that you will need to apply yourself to get results — and you are willing to do that. However, you want to make sure that you are doing the right things, the ones that produce greater clarity in your vision.
  • You ask for help when you need it.
  • You’re not looking for a medical “cure” for your vision. You recognize that if your vision can change for the worse, it can change for the better, once you know what to do.
  • You want to be part of an amazing group filled with forward-thinking, creative people of diverse background.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for you if:
  • You are nearsighted and/or have astigmatism with a prescription between -1.50 and -7.50. You need the Super Sight Squad instead.

Why are the sessions all live?

Because it is too easy to miss critical points, without a teacher there to help you. I can spot problems instantly, and give you a way to overcome them so your vision improves instantly – right then, in the sessions. You learn also when watching other members get coached.

Here’s what one of the Squad members says about this:

“I did exactly what you told Olivia and it has worked wonders. Remember I told you about the 20/10 line, it came into clarity again. Thank you Ms. Gloria I am loving it. I remember you every time I get a flash — which are slowly graduating from just being a flash to staying with me longer..and it’s happening all day long..”

How much does this cost?

The first month is $497, which includes a one-hour personal consultation with Gloria Ginn plus your first month’s membership.

After the first month, there is a flat fee of $247 per month for ALL ACCESS to included courses and live coaching sessions.

Get two months’FREE when you choose the annual plan:

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel at any time, and your membership will end on the last day of your current billing cycle.

What is included?

  • Weekly LIVE coaching – get your questions answered, jump in the hot seat to get immediate help improving your vision, or watch and follow along with guided exercises. Saturdays, 2:00 pm Eastern Time (U.S and Canada)
  • Vision Quick Start: Structured online course that is the first step to improving vision
  • FREE Bonus E-Book – Gloria Ginn’s Improve Your Eyesight – Get Your Eyes Shifting Again.
  • FREE online course: Improving Close Vision
  • FREE Shifter

This looks amazing, but now is not a good time. Can I do it later?

Yes, of course.

But why punish yourself by not getting the help you need right now to improve your vision? Why settle for imperfect sight one more day — when you can get the help you need — live from a master in this field — the fastest, most sure way to get results.

Life is full of obstacles. There is always something. I’ve found there is never a good time, there is only now. I’ve taken many opportunities when they were a stretch for me, and I’ve never once regretted it.

What is the time commitment?

  1. Weekly coaching sessions and a monthly training session of approximately 90 minutes each. If you can’t attend live, you can watch or listen to the replays. Or you can come for a few minutes, jump into the hot seat, and leave, if time is a factor.


  1. Thirty minutes of dedicated practice with the techniques. This can be split up into smaller segments of 5-10 minutes. When you’re on a roll, and results are coming in, you may want double down.
  2. Integrating the techniques moment-to-moment while you are on a computer, walking, driving, or doing household activities. This doesn’t actually take any time, but it does take attention. Once you gain skill in improving your vision, the more frequently you do it, the faster the results.

What do you do about glasses while your vision improves?

You’ll get a lot more info on this in the onboarding process, but here is the basic idea is to wean yourself with gradually weaker glasses as your vision improves.

How long will you have access to the recordings of the sessions and courses? 

As long as your membership is current.

FREE Bonuses

  • Shifter — shipped to you anywhere in the world ($85-$105 value)
  • Vision Quick Start training course ($297 value)
  • Improving Close Vision – Read Without Glasses at Any Age training course ($297 value)

Do you qualify?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you would be a good fit for this School of Better Eyesight Membership:


  • Do you need glasses to read or to see in the distance?
  • Do you have a mixture of vision problems, such as one eye nearsighted and the other eye farsighted?
  • Do you wear bifocals or progressives?
  • Or do you have a different kind of vision problem — cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, amblyopia, or something else?

How To Get Started

Click the link below. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a shifter (shipped to you), the first e-book, Improve Your Eyesight – Get Your Eyes Shifting Again, by Gloria Ginn, and instant access to the course Vision Quick Start.

You’ll also receive a link to schedule a personal consultation with Gloria Ginn to isolate the exact techniques that work best for you (that’s obvious, because your vision sharpens up instantly when you do them). This enables you to get the maximum improvement in the live coaching sessions.  

After your initial consultation, you can then attend the weekly live coaching sessions, These give you the followup help you need to bring bring your vision all the way back to 20/20 — at a fraction of the cost of private lessons.

School of Better Eyesight Membership is only $247/month for WEEKLY live training, plus all the bonus classes and materials.

Sign up for a yearly membership and receive two months free. 


To join the School of Better Eyesight Membership (Inner Circle) click the link below:

Here’s What Students Say

Excerpts from School of Better Eyesight sessions

“It was like Bates work being reincarnated”.

I thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge of how to regain improved and even perfect eyesight. Your life work I greatly appreciate. Of all the Bates teachers I ever knew, you deserve the crown of honor.

As I went through the videos, it was like Bates work being reincarnated by you. … I had some blocks and gaps in my knowledge and practices that have kept me back from fully restoring my eyesight. 

Your teaching is the most comprehensive and valuable resource available that I’m aware of. I could list many names and programs that I’ve purchased or went through in the past. So I know yours is the very best on the market or anywhere available.

I just watched #92 January 22, 2022, and just loved your lengthy description of how you see normally at the distance. This really helps me to know what the goal here is and how to get there better.
Now I understand how I’ve been straining to “collapse the distance” and try to make the distance up close. I’m trying to “zoom in” on the distance while staring at it. So I’m changing course now.

You’ve taught me how to maintain motion in a continuous way in whatever I’m doing. So I’m happy about all of this. I’m sensing that my vision is clearing up little by little and more and more.
Although I knew the information theoretically; there were important gaps in my knowledge that were preventing me from getting to where I wanted to be visually. I’ve learned some critical points from you. have a lot more hope now. Thanks.

-- Delbert, Inner Circle member

“It’s fun, and it’s easy”

“I wore glasses almost every waking hour, and then contact lenses for 24 years. Sick of the hassle of contact lenses with their drying out, constant expense and all the liquids and cleaning solutions, I went back to glasses. But then I grew sick of the pain of the glasses on my ears and nose. Again: HASSLE.

“I heard of the Bates method from reading a book about vision. I also had some success seeing more clearly if I was in a particularly relaxed way. But nothing would ever stick, and it all seemed like “hocus-pocus,“ New-Age tomfoolery to me.

“However, being somewhat tom-foolhardy, I went on. When I saw Gloria for the first time, being cheap and Missouri-like I arrived late and in a “show-me“ mood.

“Well, she showed me on day one. She uses simple techniques. It takes little time. And furthermore, it is so much fun to see in a new way!

“Within a week, my vision was clear enough –– and bright and fun enough –– to read all street signs. I was so much more relaxed. 

“Then there was the night vision problem. I started using Gloria’s name in vain. Sure she can get me to see when the sun is up, but what about in the moon glow?“

“Seeing during sunny times compared to seeing ‘after-hours’ is as different as night and day. During our special three-hour night seminar, I was shown again. (I’m not really from Missouri, just a somewhat hyperactive actor from New York.)

“Today, I function completely without glasses. All day long, I incorporate the techniques I learned. It’s fun, and it’s easy. 

“I get such a kick out of the irony of seeing the sign for an optician’s office in perfect clarity from a block away. It’s like a little bit of Lourdes in Brentwood.”  

–– Don Cummings

“I hadn’t expected to get such fast results”

“Thank you so much for last weekend. I’m just thrilled with what I learned. I hadn’t really expected to get such fast results. So I was amazed to be able to read three lines smaller in my very first hour of session time.

“It’s so nice to have exercises where I can actually notice improvement, unlike the other exercises I tried to do before.

“I had Lasik surgery less than two years ago, and since then I had trouble reading small print and seeing at night in the distance. I didn’t want to put glasses on, which the doctors were recommending. I was happy to find you, after many months of searching. I’m just really thrilled. My vision is improving every day.”

-- Sarah K., Seattle Washington

A Whole New Life

Thanks Gloria for the encouragement. Yes, all this years I have been struggled with this strains. The counselling and meditation could not help in this matter. The Bates method us not only about vision but also is psychology of the mind. It is time to let go and have a new ‘life’.  

“It is really sad and a pity to ‘pass’ the strains to younger generations unconsciously. I am grateful to have the chance to learn Bates method from you. Thank you Gloria.”

-- June T.

Free of Glasses in Three Months

“This is to heartily recommend Gloria Ginn as a teacher of the Bates Method of eye improvement.

 “It was hard to believe at first that our eyes could actually improve so that we would not only not need glasses, but also have normal vision. After a short workshop with Gloria, we were convinced from our own experience of rapid improvement that it was possible. We had worn glasses for many years and had previously not considered that we could be rid of them.

“We began going to Gloria twice a week, and in two months we were free of glasses except for night driving, and in three months we were free of glasses completely!

“Our private lessons began only this year –– and we are happy to report that Harold’s eyes are restored to normal, Marlene’s are 20/30 with 2 eyes and] 20/15-70 with the weaker eye.

“We completely endorse Gloria Ginn and the methods she teaches and recommend her to anyone who is ready to make the commitment for normal sight.”

-- Revs. Harold and Marlene Younger

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