Gloria Ginn, Founder and Director of the School of Better Eyesight since 1978
Photo by John A. Gardner, Lewisburg Studio

In 1978, Gloria was certified as a natural vision instructor, and established the School of Better Eyesight. But that was just the beginning. She then sought out and studied with “old-timers,” those who had taught the method for 30-40 years.

Her search took her to Elin Gilbert, 76 years old (now deceased), who could still see 20/20 in the distance and read microscopic print close up — without glasses. Elin gave Gloria some original documents by Dr. Bates which opened the door to a whole new understanding. These inspired her to get to the source of Dr. William H. Bates’ method, to find out precisely what he did and how he did it. Through library and rare book searches, she searched for these obscure writings.

They were difficult to find.

In 1978, when Gloria’s husband was in London on business he met a 70+ year-old Bates teacher, Miss Sage.. Gloria came to London to study with her, and spent hours each day at the British Museum Library, reviewing documents by Dr. Bates. Later, she went to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and poured over more documents.

Gloria integrated these new insights and techniques into her teaching, and over time developed her own, unique approach to improving eyesight. In essence, her students were her teachers. When they got improvement, it was obvious — both to the student and to the teacher: the letters cleared up. When a technique did not work, that was obvious too. One good thing about this field is that it is not subjective: the clarity (or lack of it) is obvious.

This measurability helped Gloria hone her approach, so that today — 41 years later — students see improvement in their eyesight immediately, in the first lesson. In fact, Gloria uses their improvement as a gauge to determine which exact approach works best for each individual — which technique sharpens up the vision more easily and more consistently. This allows her to customize the method to each client, so that you don’t waste time on ineffective techniques.

Gloria Ginn is the author of Ten Steps You Can Take Now to Improve Your Eyesight, How to Read Small Print Without Glasses at Any Age, the masterclass series, The Seven Habits of the Normal Eye the nine-part series How to See With Perfect Sight, Your Comprehensive Guide (soon available in book format).

“My heart sank when the doctor told me I needed glasses,” Gloria says, “I was 19 years old, The glasses hurt my nose, made my eyes feel strained and after wearing them just a few hours, they made my vision worse. Contact lenses were out of the question, I had watched my sister struggle with them, and the thought of having something in my eyes made me cringe,.

“What the doctor said just didn’t make any sense. If my vision was good for 18 years, clearly it had changed. And if it could change for the worse, it could change for the better. I just had to find out what was causing the change, and reverse it.That took me years. But I did it. That was fifty years ago. Fifty years of good vision — glasses free.

“I can’t spare you the years you have suffered with poor eyesight. But I can offer you the opportunity to have perfect sight for the rest of your life.”

In 2019, for the first time in 41 years, she is making her training available online. They will be launching soon. To get in on this fastest, most proven method for improving your vision the instant it becomes available, click here:


Gloria Ginn — seeing clearly without glasses at age 69
Photo by Steven Sprung,
Gloria working with a client during a Super Sight Retreat, June 2019
Photo by Steven Sprung
Gloria with clients at a Super Sight retreat, June 2019
Photo by Steven Sprung
Improving distance vision at the June 2019 Super Sight Retreat
Photo by Steven Sprung