52 Techniques to Improve Your Eyesight

#1 – Shifter

Cameron put down the shifter, look- ed across the hillside and exclaimed, “Wow! I can see the windows on that house now. My vision is a lot better.”

This is common after ten minutes of shifting.

How It Works

Because only one tiny point in the eye is capable of seeing sharp detail, the eyes need to scan, or shift, constantly.

With perfect sight, the eyes shift 70 to 100 times per second. With imperfect sight, this slows down to five or six times per second.

The shifter re-establishes the normal shifting pattern. Because the eyes are light finders, when the shifter is used the eyes skip over the black slats, looking for light. 

How to Do It

Close your eyes and face the sun. Hold the shifter high enough so that the rays of light come through the slats onto your closed eyelids. Move the shifter left and right while at the same time  moving the head in the opposite direction. 

The shifter can also be used vertically, as in the photograph above. Move he head down while you move the shifter up..

 If the sun is not available, use a 150 watt light, or shift without a light with the eyes open. Allow your eyes to move with your head.

Tips for Faster Results
  • Move both the head and the shifter. The head swing stimulates the involuntary shifting in the eyes.
  • Hold the shifter close to the face, almost touching your forehead. This makes it easier to keep the sun coming through the slats.
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How to Improve Your Eyesight

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