You don’t need special diets. You don’t need eye exercises. You just need to use your eyes the way anyone with normal sight uses theirs — you need see with the Habits of the Normal Eye™

If your vision can change, it’s changeable. If it can change for the worse, it can change for the better. You just need to know what is causing it to change, and reverse that process.

Are you nearsighted, farsighted, or do you have astigmatism?

You can improve your eyesight and see 20/20 again

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Imagine seeing the TV screen clearly –– from across the room. Reading freeway signs without glasses –– before you’re already at the exit. I’ve seen a huge grin on a 70 year old woman’s face when she could thread a needle without glasses for the first time in 32 years. And the pride and satisfaction of a young man whose new drivers license has no restriction for “corrective lenses.”

You deserve your own wonderful experiences –– just like these! During the last 41 years at the School of Better Eyesight thousands of people have improved their vision and thrown away their glasses. And you can, too.

Vision is 9/10 mental and only 1/10 physical. Your eyes focus where your mind is focused. Imperfect sight is not caused by a physical disability of the eye. It is simply the result of an unconscious mental strain to see.

The person with normal sight unconsciously practices certain mental habits of seeing that the person with imperfect sight fails to practice. When these habits are re-established, normal sight returns.

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It’s already happened for thousands of people. And it can happen for you, too. Here’s what students say: