Improve your eyesight and see 20/20 again — without surgery!

You don’t need special diets. You don’t need eye exercises. You just need to use your eyes the way anyone with normal sight uses theirs.

Vision is 9/10 mental and only 1/10 physical. Most vision problems — probably including yours — are not caused by a physical disability of the eye. They are simply the result of an unconscious mental strain to see. The person with normal sight unconsciously practices certain mental habits of seeing that the person with imperfect sight fails to practice. When these habits are re-established, normal sight returns.

Are you nearsighted, farsighted, or do you have astigmatism? You can improve your eyesight and see 20/20 again.

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My name is Gloria Ginn, and I LOVE helping people improve their eyesight. 

I’m good at it. I’ve been doing it for 42 years, and I’ve helped thousands of people improve their vision and see 20/20 again. 

For the first time ever I am bringing my courses online so that YOU too can improve your eyesight and get rid of those glasses and contact lenses.

When I was 18, doctors gave me glasses — but I took them off and improved my vision instead.

I had perfect sight until my second year in college. Then I began to notice that street signs were blurry, so I went to an optometrist to get help. Much to my surprise, he made NO attempt to get my eyes working again. Instead, he gave me glasses.

That just didn’t make sense. My sight had been perfect sight for 18 years. There was nothing physically wrong with my eyes. So I knew there was something I was doing differently, that changed my vision. And I knew if I could make my vision worse, I could make it better. I just had to figure out what I was doing wrong, and reverse that. 

That started me on my search for natural perfect eyesight without glasses. A a search that spanned continents and took many years. But I’ve had 42 years of perfect sight. 42 years glasses free.

I can’t spare you the years you have suffered with imperfect sight, but I can offer you perfect sight for the rest of your life. 

Are you ready to improve YOUR eyesight?

It’s already happened for thousands of people. And it can happen for you, too. Here’s what students say: